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frequently asked questions


Below you will find the answers to some questions. For anything else, do not hesitate to contact me through the Contacts page
How do you define your photographic style?
My style is wedding photojournalism. It is the quest for a natural and spontaneous tale of your special day, and it doesn’t envisage unnatural and forced posing
I won’t tell you what to do or how to sit or stand, in a discreet manner, I will try and capture many of the touching moments of your wedding.

I definitely like your style for my wedding, and I like your photos. How can I book you for the date?
You can contact me by e-mail, through Facebook or by phone (everything is in the Contacts page [LINK]). We will arrange an appointment at my studio so you can both see more of my work, and we can talk about your needs and any particular requirements,  assess different options and prepare a quotation.
In particular cases We can meet-up somewhere else or even at your house. The date will be booked as soon as the quotation has been agreed upon and signed and the required down payment has been provided.

I live outside Sicily so I cannot easily come to your studio.
Lots of my clients do not live in Sicily so there’s no problem, We can use the internet for every step…apart from the photos on the Big Day of course!!!
Talking about photographs, do you do group and family photos?
I believe that family photos, although very traditional, are still fundamental, at least for the parents of the bride and groom, so I will gladly do them if requested!
For what concerns group photos, I will definitely not say no, but I invite you to not go over the top: you will stall your Big Day instead of enjoying the events, you will halt my creativity and, above all, everyone will already have taken lots of photos on their smartphones, tablets and cameras!

Do you also take posed photos?
I don’t think that it is necessary to make a net distinction between reportage and posed photos. It all depends on how the photos are taken, which will reveal the emotions felt instantly, over time.  
So usually, following the ceremony it is nice for the newlyweds to choose a location where they would like to have a few beautiful photos taken. I will definitely avoid structured, plastic and unnatural poses, preferring movement, a kiss, a caress or a laugh: dynamic, romantic, or animated photos, but relaxed.
It is important to know how much your wedding photographic shoot costs...
It is not a mystery, and I prefer to have everything clear and transparent without wasting time on prices and bureaucracy, so we can concentrate on the more emotional and aesthetic aspects of the wedding.
The basic price for a photographic shoot is 1,400 euros (taxes included), and includes the entire photographic shoot of the wedding, the photo selection and their post-production and delivery in high resolution digital format (on a pen drive).
Transfer costs, the possibility of having a second photographer, particular extension of working hours and other variables may add to this amount. If the amount stated falls within your budget I invite you to contact me to talk about the details of your wedding.
It is obviously possible to print your photos and create an album, the cost of which varies notably depending on the type of album you choose.
If we decide to use your services, will we sign a contract with you?
Certainly. The basic contract is that provided by ANFM (the National Association of Wedding Photographers), and it safeguards both parties, certifying and guaranteeing your choices and protecting both you and me from any misunderstanding.  
Do you also organise the wedding video?
I have various resources to film your wedding, from a pure reportage made by valid film makers, to a more cinematographic video made by high level film studios.

How many of your team will there be at my wedding?
This depends on your choice. I work well alone, but I strongly advise you to book a second photographer, who will be able to spot further events and details to enrich the story of your wedding day. If you want to shoot a film, you can have from 1 up to 3 video operators.

Do you need anything in particular on the Big Day?
It is fundamental for you to tell me who is particularly important to you: as I work in a photojournalistic style I cannot guarantee that every single person will be in the photos, and I definitely cannot foresee any events that you have thought of and organised, if I haven’t been informed of them. Tell me beforehand if there is someone you don’t want me to miss, or if you have a particular moment in mind that you want to photograph!

How long will I have to wait to see the contact prints? And how much will the photos that won’t be included in the album cost me?
The contact prints in digital format will be ready in approximately 120 days from the date of your wedding (particularly busy periods may postpone this deadline by 1 or 2 weeks).
As well as all the photos that will go in the album, you will also have all the other photos selected for the contact prints, in digital format and in full resolution, duly post-produced.
The delivery of the photos in digital format has no extra cost as it falls within the agreed service.

How many digital photos will you deliver to us?
The number of photos selected for delivery mainly depends on the duration of the event, on how many situations arise, on what happens. On average I provide between 250 and 500 photographs.

Who chooses the photos?
I deal with the first selection, which you will receive in low resolution as contact prints. From these, if an album is included in the service, you will choose the photos to be put in the same, if you want (if not I will do it for you).
We would like to know what your clients think of you...
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